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What is it?

A mathematician and computer programmer called Cleve Moler had first invented MATLAB. To clarify, it was a project based on his Ph.D. thesis. Furthermore, MathWorks, INC now owns MATLAB and redistributes this product which students widely use. It serves as a standard instructional tool for both introductory and advanced courses in engineering, science, and mathematics. Since it has received inputs from many users, MATLAB evolved many times over its lifetime. It has since been reworked several times to improve its overall functions and optimization, which allows it to run smoothly.


MATLAB integrates computation, visualization, and programming into an easy-to-use environment. In addition, every problem and its solutions are in a mathematical notation, making it easy to understand and operate. A plug-ins system, also known as ‘toolboxes,’ features various aspects of particular areas in the engineering sector. Furthermore, some of these include:

  • Math and computation;
  • Algorithm development;
  • Modeling, and prototyping, and simulation;
  • Scientific and engineering graphics;
  • Exploration, Data analysis, and visualization;
  • Application development, which includes Graphical User Interface building.

Since MATLAB uses its own language, which is referred to as the ‘MATLAB Language.’ It is a high-level matrix/array language that has control flow statements in it. It allows the creation of large and complex application programs built up with small pieces of code that are otherwise disregarded. Furthermore, these chunks of codes can be created rapidly and executed flawlessly, making working with MATLAB much suitable than conventional software.

MATLAB also enables you to manage variables in your workspace easily. Above all, you can import and export data as you please. Furthermore, several tools are available at your disposal, including tools for debugging, managing, developing, and profiling MATLAB’s applications. Above all, the graphics system of MATLAB is extraordinary. It also has low-level controls that allow you to customize the appearance of graphics and building your GUI on applications.

MATLAB API is a library that allows the writing of C and Fortran programs that interact with MATLAB. It is also beneficial for people who know that specific programming language, calling MATLAB as a computational engine and reading and writing MAT-files.

That is all to say about this high-level programming language and platform.


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