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What Is Adobe Photoshop CS3?

Adobe Photoshop CS3 is a graphics designing software made for creative artists and graphics designers who wish to use it for work. It is a popular productivity application widely used by many people. An average user can also use Adobe Photoshop CS3, considering its simplicity and ease. It has a fabulous UI that makes working much more manageable and faster. Adobe Photoshop also offers a customization tool, that allows easy modification of the looks of the software. Working becomes much more convenient with these, and you will work at ease with no hassle.

Much like the other Cracked Photoshop software, Adobe Photoshop CS3 is an older release. Adobe Photoshop CS3 was released in 2007 by Adobe. To clarify, it is an immediate improvement from CS2. The older version had several bugs and performance issues that made working inefficiently. Comparing these two, CS3 has a better performance on most computers than what the older version performed. Furthermore, a few of the updates Adobe CS3 received were focused on bug-fixes and software optimization. Thus you can safely rely on our Adobe Photoshop CS3.


Adobe is sought after due to the wide range of aspects that it has. There are widely available features that serve a greater purpose of image editing and manipulation.

Firstly, Adobe has a newly designed UI that looks great. In addition, your Photoshop experience will be an enhanced one with a sleek looking interface. Further, Adobe has added the new Quick Selection Tool in CS3. It allows you to select an area easily and resize or change its position.

Being one of the most requested features pre-release, ‘Smart Filters’ is an essential feature. It allows you to change from several types of filters premade by Adobe. To clarify, you can edit them with one click to easily apply functional changes that your pictures may require.

Another of the newer features in CS3 is Blending Modes. It is a simple yet efficient function of Adobe CS3 that allows you to compare the overall brightness levels of two layers. You can simultaneously reach rather than doing it one by one.

Working together with the Black and White adjustment features, you can convert several image gradients at one go! You will save tremendous amounts of time, depending on your workload. Lastly, the ‘Advanced Cloning’ will show you a preview of your image before you apply it. Therefore, now you can see the outcome of an image before you finalize an effect or filter.


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